Mammary augmentation with anatomical silicone implant 225 ml

Mammary augmentation with round silicone implant 400 ml

Mammary augmentation with anatomical silicone implant 305 ml

Mastopexie together with breast augmentation, and reconstructing the right areola

Mammary augmentation with anatomical silicone implant 205 ml

Mammary augmentation with a round silionic implant 375 ml.

Bilateral Macromastia-breast reduction was practiced, together with the repositioning of the Areolomamelonar complex.

Preoperative and postoperative image at 2 weeks

Breast asymmetry in a young patient-was practiced mastopexy right breast and breast augmentation with the silicone implant of the left breast. (Preoperative and postoperative image at 2 weeks)

Injection of hyaluronic Acid to correct the roots of the nose-a more accessible alternative of Rhinoplastia, but with temporary effect.

Suspension threads (APTOS) for the ptosis of the lower region of the face. The effect is immediate, with its maintenance up to 1-1.5 years.

Blepharoplasty Superior preoperative appearance preoperative and at a post-operators week. The appearance of the incision a week when the thread removes.

Superior Blepharoplasty-preoperative images and 2 months postoperative

Breast augmentation (425 cc) achieved together with breast lifting (Mastopexie).

Augmentation of lips with filler.

Image before the procedure and after 2 successive stages of filling and correction of defects.
Appearance before and immediately after the procedure.
Before the procedure, immediately after making it and at 24 hours.

Platelet rich plasma (Vampira technique) for alopecia

Dermatoscopic appearance before the procedure, after 3 sessions and overview 1 year after starting treatment.