Aesthetic surgery is the specialty dedicated to beauty and body rejuvenaries.  These things are obtained by various non-surgical techniques (injections, minimally invasive processes) or using more aggressive methods to achieve the desired result (breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, etc.).

The benefits of aesthetic surgery are felt by patients not only locally, but also psychologically, by increasing self-esteem, confidence and overcoming of social stigmas.

Most of the time, the patient who appeals to cosmetic surgery, is healthy and wants to correct areas that are not in harmony with his body.

Clapauge ears, scars Post-acne or varicella, wrinkles, lips  Small, prominent nose or breasts Underdeveloped, are just some of the problems that aesthetic surgery Approaches.  

The news is permanently in this Specialty, gives us a wide palette of beauty and correction processes, With maximum comfort for the patient.

The treatment plan is established only After consulting with an aesthetician, who can inform you of the Risks and benefits, indications and last but not least, if you are A candidate for that procedure or surgery.