Browlift (Forehead Lift)

Browlift, also known as browplasty or forehead lift, is the aesthetic intervention that lifts drooping eyebrows, improving the appearance of the eye area and the forehead. This operation can be done at the same time as other facial surgical procedures such as: upper blepharoplasty, facial lift or lipofilling. Being an aesthetic intervention, it can greatly improve one’s self image and self-confidence.

Who can benefit from this intervention?

Due to aging and the loss of skin elasticity, the eyebrows migrate gravitationally. This reduces the upper eyelid and causes your eyes to look tired, sad, or make it seem as if you’re frowning.

The intervention can help anyone who has drooping eyebrows, positioned too low or asymmetrically.

What to choose: endoscopic or open lift?

The surgical technique varies greatly depending on the degree of drooping in the eyebrow, your wishes and whether other interventions are performed at the same time.

Also, opting for an endoscopic facelift requires the clinic you’re using to have specialty tools required to perform this intervention. Its main advantage is requiring much smaller incisions and having a faster recovery.

The open lift is used to raise both the eyebrows and the forehead or only of the eyebrows. The incisions can be hidden by your hairline, when the forehead and eyebrows are both lifted (coronal lifting). In the case of only lifting the eyebrows, the incision will be done at along the line between the forehead and the eyebrow.

Are there any complications?

Like any surgery, eyebrow lifting also comes with certain risks. These include: bleeding, infection, unsightly scarring (hypertrophic scar, keloid, retractile scar), changes in forehead and scalp sensitivity, eyebrows asymmetry, changes in the distribution of the hair follicles within your eyebrows and forehead (loss of hair follicles or change of the hairline). For each of these complications, there are first conservative and later surgical steps that can be taken to correct them.

What’s the recovery like?

After the procedure, you’ll need 3-7 days of rest, depending on the extent of the intervention. You will have pain medication prescribed and you will need to sleep on a stack of pillows to reduce edema. The incision can be closed with either wires or surgical patch, which will be removed 7-10 days after the procedure.

The brow lift can restore a more youthful and appealing appearance. The result of the procedure is not guaranteed for life. The skin on your face continues to undergo changes specific to aging, so that in time, the eyebrows will begin to descend again.

In order to determine the surgical technique most suitable for you, a detailed consultation and an in-depth discussion with a plastic surgeon are required.