Will I lose nipple and areola sensitivity after a breast lifting procedure (mastopexy)?

Mastopexy procedures reposition not only the the mammary gland but also the nipple and areola. During the intervention a series of incisions are made which inevitably sever the nerves to the areola and nipple.

Thus, loss of sensitivity is a risk that occurs in any mastopexy, regardless of the technique used.

However, the degree of severity depends on:

  • Incision: the periareolar incision has a low risk of producing anesthesia or hypoesthesia (decreased sensitivity), as opposed to a lifting procedure for a high-ptosis breast, which will require large incisions and has a high risk of loss of sensation in the central area of ​​the breast. However, when the latter surgical technique is chosen, the aesthetic result is the determining factor.
  • Having a breast implant increases the risk of sensitivity loss in your areola and nipple. The bigger the implant is, the more the sensitive skin nerves are affected.

70% of patients do not lose the sensitivity of the areolo-nipple region.

15% experience temporary sensitivity loss – it’s recovered recover after two months to two years after the procedure.

15% of patients completely or partially lose sensitivity

In time, the nerves re-establish other pathways and the sensitivity may return.