Cosmetic surgery is for me, the “job” that determined me to enter the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest, not just a simple specialty that I chose after the residency competition, .

As  I was interested in treating of skin cancer (a pathology intensely related to my specialty),  I applied and took part in 3 scholarships (Italy, Hungary and Poland) to get acquainted with the best approach, treatment and patient management.

Once I finished college, I chose to do my residency training at the Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive Microsurgery and Burn Clinics of the Floreasca Emergency Clinical Hospital.

My training consists in over 250 guards in Floreasca Hospital, where I learned the importance of teamwork, establishing a fast and efficient treatment in extreme situations, managing severe burns and severe trauma. Participating in national and international congresses allowed me to present my work to colleagues from other countries and cities. Sometimes these presentations aroused the interest of the participants and were rewarded, which strengthened my belief that choosing plastic surgery was the best professional decision.

Face surgery is one of the subspecialties that I am passionate about, so I decided to learn surgical techniques about rejuvenating the periocular area with a specialist in oculoplastic surgery – Prof. Dr. Francesco Bernardini, in Genoa – Italy.

I am currently working in the Zetta Clinic – Center of Excellence in Plastic Surgery, Aesthetics and Reconstructive Microsurgery, and in the County Hospital in Calarasi.

Working in a private environment has made me understand how important it is for you, the patient,  to find your best option.

Whether your interests consist in cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, you want the end result to be a natural look and an improvement in your quality of life. I believe that beauty means self-confidence, and that this confidence must be improved or maintained.

I strongly believe that both cosmetic procedures procedures and cosmetic surgery should be used in moderation, without exceeding the limits of the ethics in my profession.

As the field of aesthetics is constantly evolving, with new techniques and products presented periodically, we will determine the best treatment plan or intervention together.

If you think I can help you, my site is at your disposal with information and images of my patients. If you did not find the information on the site or you think it does not answer your question, do not hesitate to send me an email to explain your problem.


Education and Training

  • 2019 – present  – Specialist at the Zetta Clinic
  • 2019 – present – Specialist in the Plastic Surgery Department – Calarasi County Emergency Hospital “Dr. Pompeii Samarian ”
  • January 2013 – October 2018 – Medical Resident in Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Microsurgery – Bucharest Emergency Clinical Hospital
  • February – March 2015 – Eye surgery Internship  with Prof. Dr. Francesco Bernardini – Genoa, Italy
  • 2006 – 2012 – “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy – Bucharest
  • October 3-16, 2011 – Scholarship – Clinical practice in the dermatology department of the University of Medicine in Modena, Italy
  • August 8-19, 2011 – Scholarship – Oncology courses at the Faculty of Medicine in Poznan, Poland (European Cancer Organization)
  • February 14-28, 2011 – Scholarship – Clinical practice in the dermatology department of the “Semmelweis” University of Medicine in Budapest, Hungary

Presentations and attended seminars

  • “Personal vision on cosmetic surgery” – award-winning work, Summer School of resident doctors in plastic surgery, Poiana Brasov, Romania, June 21-22, 2017
  • “Multiple enchondromas in the metacarpal bones – case presentation”, National Congress of the Romanian Society of Hand Surgery – 11th edition, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, April 27-29, 2017
  • “Skin flaps”, workshop “Basic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Procedures” 14th edition, Bucharest Emergency Clinical Hospital, Romania, 3-5 March 2017
  • “Neurorafia”, Basic Microsurgery Skills workshop – 10th edition, Fundeni Clinical Hospital, Bucharest-Romania, 3-5 May 2016
  • “Pediculate perforated flaps from the distal third of the leg”, Congress of the European Federations of Microsurgery – 13th edition, Antalya, Turkey, April 21 – 24, 2016
  • “Multiple finger fingertips – case presentation”, Congress of European Federations of Microsurgery – 13th edition, Antalya, Turkey, April 21-24, 2016
  • “Breast Reconstruction with DIEP” – 2nd prize for the best work, Summer School of resident doctors in plastic surgery, Murighiol, Romania, September 2-6, 2015
  • “An unusual etiology of cold abscess”, European Meeting of Residents in Plastic Surgery, Sicily, Italy, June 18-21, 2015
  • “Spinocellular and basal cell carcinomas of the head” – 1st prize for the best work, 4th International Medical Congress for student and young doctors “MedEspera”, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, May 2012
  • “Radiotherapy – side effects”, Optional oncology courses for students, Poznan – Poland, August 2012
  • “Intestinal Anastomoses”, the 5th edition of the Summer Surgical School, organized by the Romanian Society of Surgery Students, Constanta – Romania, August 2011
  • “Wound Management” and “Tenorafia”, the 5th edition of Basic Plastic Surgery Procedures, organized by the Romanian Society of Surgery Students, Bucharest – Romania, April 2011,

Scientific articles

  • “Multiple finger transplantation – case presentation”, Dr. Marc Voinescu, Dr. Alexandru Stoian, Dr. Ioana Ghiurco, Dr. Ana Clima-Fascian, Dr. Marius-Popescu, Prof. Dr. Ioan Lascar British journal of hospital medicine (London, England: 2005) 79 (7): 415-415, July 2018
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