Mesotherapy is a medical procedure involving multiple microinjections at the skin level with vitamins, amino acids, minerals, substances targeting a certain disease, homeopathic.

The main effect of mesotherapy is rejuvenation and a fermer skin.

Mesotherapy is an allopathic, easy, parenteral, versatile and regional procedure.

Depending on the area treated, 5 to 300 injections can be done.

The introduction of the substances can be done through naping (small, superficial needle stings that disperse the substance), papules, point by point or application with electrical medical devices.

Mesotherapy is successfully used for the correction of fine or deep wrinkles (in combination with other aesthetic procedures – filler, botox, suspension wires), hydration, rejuvenation, stretch marks treatment, alopecia (hair loss), the appearance of orange peel, post-acne / varicella scars, treatment of hyperpigmentation.

Recommended for:

  • correction of fine or deep wrinkles (in combination with other aesthetic procedures – filler, botox, suspension threads)
  • hydration
  • rejuvenation
  • stretch marks treatment
  • alopecia (hair loss)
  • orange peel skin
  • post-acne/varicella scars
  • the treatment of hyperpigmentation.


  • Treatment with antihistamines and / or anticoagulants
  • Taking aspirin or other antiaggregants. Aspirin administration will be discontinued 1 week before the procedure, after consulting the doctor who prescribed your treatment
  • Recent history of herpes in the area to be treated
  • Taking vasodilators the night before (garlic, wine, herbal medicines).
  • Pregnant women and breastfeeding women
  • Specific sensitivity to the substances to be injected
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Active dermatological diseases (psoriasis, acne, etc.)

What should I expect?

The procedure is carried out after applying an anesthetic cream. Micro-injections are performed on the treated area, when there may be slight discomfort related to the introduction of the cocktail into the superficial dermis. At the end of the procedure, maintenance cream and refreshing gels are applied. The most common side effects are: ecchymosis / redness of the spots where the needle has penetrated the skin.

Do not apply foundation, powder, etc. on the treated area in the first 12 hours. Massage the treated area for 48-72 hours post-procedure (especially in the case of high-density substances that can form subcutaneous nodules).